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We conduct an active listening during the last quarter of 2015 around three insurance companies in Spain: Adeslas, Sanitas and DKV.

Thanks to active listening and online conversations analysis through monitoring tools, you can find opinions and issues of consumers in relation to a brand or product. In this way, we get enough data to be able to react and adapt our social media strategies quickly and easily.

Insurances Industry, ITELLIGENT Report

In this report, we can find out what Internet users think about these three insurance companies over the last three months of last year. One of the topics that include more conversations on the Internet about DKV Seguros and Sanitas are promotions or sponsorship in Sport and actions on CSR, such as: the DKV Women’s Race, Sanitas Running Brand, Trailwalker (DKV) or the sponsored of Sanitas with Real Madrid football team. Furthermore, we found that the Twitter posts of these insurances have an average reach about more than 24,000 users, of which more than 3,600 users, on average, are engaging with these brands on Twitter.

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