Artificial Intelligence in
the service of Branding
and social audience


It is a platform for Online Reputation monitoring and Social Media management. It allows to monitor, manage and take control of the global reputation of your brand in the universe of Internet and know your position versus your competition of graphical and navigable way, as well as going at all times to detail and source from where comments come from.

Artificial Intelligence in the service of audience and Social Branding:

How much is spoken

Analyze with Netopinion the volume of comments that are made about your brand and your competitors on Internet disaggregated by brand and source (blogs, forums, networks, web…)

What is spoken

Discuss the content of the talks and their evolution over time, studying for example the detection of hot topics, tag cloud, the most mentioned words related to your brand and competitors. Making this competitive analysis has become an indispensable labor.

How is spoken

By semantic and sentiment analysis of the conversation, discover the opinion and its polarization both comments about your brand and comments about your competition.

Where is spoken

Make a demographic track of conversations. Know that is said by geographic area.

Follow up

Measure the real-time impact of their campaigns and product launches. Keep track of each comment related to your advertising or marketing action.

Early Warning & Response System

Detect crises and “hot topics” quickly and effectively by a hard Alert System improving customer service channels. This way you will be ready to react in real time and give a reply and timely coverage. Detecting it in the bud, offering opinion and steering the conversation properly, reduces viral.

…. and in addition to this

Advance ROI Monitoring

Measure the economic impact of their online campaigns. Starting from your online ad investment, we gauge the impact of these campaigns and incremental revenues that have generated. We measure the effect of an article (on websites) and we estimate its audience based on the comments generated, and from there, we extrapolate …

Influencers & Ambassadors Program

This program could identify their most active followers in each of the social platforms and websites. You can detect them by issues and geography.
We identify, select and launch a campaign for “recruitment” and thus make them “ambassadors” of the brand through gamification techniques encouraging their participation.

Characterization of users

We detect bots, cyborgs, business, person-users that automatically flood their messages at networks with the sole purpose of generating traffic and viral conversation. We filter this content in order that neither contents are distorted nor metrics are spoiled.


The disambiguation of the meaning of a word is a part of natural language processing, including the process of identifying what sense of word is used in a sentence when the word in question has polysemy (several meanings). We determine the meaning of words in a sentence properly depending on context and we create models adapted to each client, with an effectiveness rate above 95%.