We are pioneers in the hybridization data from the physical world with digital data, open data, geographic data, Big Data. We create analytical models (predictive, descriptive, optimization) to generate competitive advantages

Since 2008, ITELLIGENT focuses on Big Data and business analytics. Our experience puts us in a privileged position in the Industry 4.0.


We are present at Smart City world, “Andalucia Smart City” Cluster´s member.

Currently, we developed a project to early detection of respiratory diseases using data from 7.000 meteorological and traffic sensors. We hybridazing these data with others from social media and specialised webs.


Service platforms: data about public sector and open data

These services enable access to structured information by ITELLIGENT, based on poorly structured data -official Bulletins, patents, trademarks, aids, brands, contracts and tenders- well organized to be used easily by your organization or to create innovative services.

In addition, If your company requires different data or link with others data sources, we are hybrid data consultants



Reports, studies and specific services based on our platforms:

    NETOPINION Online Reputation and Social Media Analytics
    NETPRICEMonitoring, modelling, and pricing
    NETGEOMARKETING Detection of optimal locations for your business
    NETPROSPECT Influencers and communities detection by thematics