A technology-based
company engaged
in web intelligence


ITelligent is a technology-based company dedicated to the web intelligence.

Our mission is to make available to all companies , tactical intelligence services that provide real value and thus our customers uncheck the competition.

We specialize in the development of technologies aimed at structuring large volumes of data (from Internet and proprietary systems ) and the development of solutions that enable companies to gain a competitive advantage through “intelligence” analysis these large volumes of data gives them .

100% Data capture of Internet universe . From all available sources and all channels of user interaction (websites , blogs , forums , social networks, etc) we process to obtain actionable information that can cover all your needs:

Social Intelligence

Generate actionable information that enables companies to seize opportunities and avoid the threats that social networks give. From seize power users to detect fake users that may impair our services or products.

Competitive Intelligence

Know better your competition (prices , products, offers , trademarks, etc. ) and take advantage of opportunities that this knowledge provides.

Comercial Intelligence

Being able to detect and exploit market opportunities. Since detecting potential customers (leads) till getting information to connect with the person who will make the decision in a company.

Market Intelligence

Early knowledge of market to monitoring new trends and products.