NetITELLIGENT is the data intelligence platform that allows you to gain a competitive advantage by reducing development cost and effort. To do this, netITELLIGENT has a set of “modules” that cover different data intelligence needs.

But also, netITELLIGENT adapts to any other intelligence need, reducing the effort required to launch a platform of this kind. Currently, netITELLIGENT has been the base platform for projects in areas as diverse as: Irrigation intelligence, energy, tourism, borders, electoral, cadastral…

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Contractable modules

Price monitoring in search engines

Price monitoring in retail

Intelligent Document Processing

Monitoring and detection of opportunities

Active Listening and Online Reputation


Services (API)

Data services

Analytics services



Compared to specific intelligence platforms, netITELLIGENT has multiple 360 functionalities that cover all areas of business intelligence: competitive intelligence, market intelligence, etc.


Compared to packaged tools, netITELLIGENT allows you to incorporate new data sources, analytical models, and visualizations.


Possibility to incorporate your own data through connector modules with your data lake, ERP, CMS, etc.


We specialize in NLP and Artificial Intelligence with more than 15 years of experience. R&D+i team in Spain and LATAM.

netITELLIGENT pricing

Price monitoring in search engines

Module for systematic monitoring of competitor prices in sectors (insurance, travel, transportation, …) where obtaining prices requires reporting fields (date from/to, age, etc.) such as: search engines, wizards, among others.

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netITELLIGENT retail

Price monitoring in retail

Module for AI-based price monitoring for the retail sector, whether you have an e-commerce website (distributor) or are a manufacturer of products with online sales (brand). netITELLIGENT extracts, analyzes, and prioritizes for you to act effectively and without effort.

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netITELLIGENT content

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and content

Module that allows automating document processes and generating new knowledge. Applicable to many sectors (construction, engineering, consulting, etc.) and for different areas of the company (administration, marketing, documentation, etc.) that work daily with documents and multimedia content.

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netITELLIGENT surveillance

Intelligent Monitoring and opportunity detection

Module that allows monitoring various sources (competitions, patents, news, social networks, etc.) and obtaining new knowledge through early alerts, search engines, relationship graphs, dashboards, among others. Allowing its application to business intelligence (technological surveillance, competitive surveillance, etc.)

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netITELLIGENT opinion

Active Listening and Online Reputation

Module for managing, monitoring, and measuring the online presence and reputation of brands, products-services, people and/or campaigns on the Internet. Through NLP techniques that allow you to discover what, where, and how users have opinions about a brand, product, or service.

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netITELLIGENT geomarketing

Geospatial information applied to marketing

Module to detect strategic locations for the implementation of businesses or opening of establishments, as well as to discover where the target audience or profiles of sociodemographic interest are located.

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netITELLIGENT dataspace

Data services

We offer you a wide variety of datasets (weather, official bulletins, sociodemographic, consumer, grants, etc.) ready to be consumed. You can connect through our API or, if you prefer, incorporate it into netITELLIGENT surveillance.

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netITELLIGENT analytics

Analytical and AI services

We offer different analytical and Artificial Intelligence services (extracting keywords from a text, converting text to audio, geolocating addresses, among others) that you can consume through our API.

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